Monday, September 07, 2009

Is it Halloween yet?

Reese loved this costume~I was cracking up how chubby it made his face look:)

As soon as Abby saw Reese in his costume she had to try one on too!

Friday night the kids tried on some Halloween costumes. They both decided it would be great if Reese was Buzz Lightyear and Abby was Jessi from Toy Story. Don't they look cute? The only problem is, that if we were to buy these exact costumes from the Disney Store we would spend over $100 for one night trick or treating! No way are we doing that! I am currently looking on Craigslist and Ebay to see if we can find some that are "gently used" :) We'll see though...if anyone reading this happens to have one of these costumes tucked away in their toy chest somewhere PLEASE let me know! I will take them off your hands!


Cari said...

The flips flops are what really make the costume.

Jen Sierra said...

Hey Becky, There's a buzz light year costume for sale in DE on craigslist. Don't know what size Reese is or if they would ship it, but I figured I'd tell you about it just in case: